SRLF Rope pulley with rigid side plates

Roller made of steel, electro galvanized, with ball bearing and plastic-coated side plates. With captive screw plug.

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Specification table

Code / Type tensile force
Winch tensile force max.
rope diameter max.
SRLF 9 3,000 1,500.00 10 1.70
SRLF 13 5,000 2,500.00 14 3.70
SRLF 16 16,000 8,000.00 14 6.40
SRLF 24 24,000 12,000.00 16 19.00
The stated tensile force is valid in case of ground course. The winch tensile force is valid in case of 180° deflection.
Please consider the safety instruction for proper use.