pewag forstgrip

Competitive edge.

New arrangement of grip elements.

By asymmetrically arranging the spikes in the chain mesh, pewag developed a new generation of forestry chains. The innovative spike arrangement increases grip and stability.
  • High-quality chain for heavy-duty forestry use
  • Innovative asymmetrical spike arrangement
  • Best grip and ideal self-cleaning features

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Product description

  • Particularly suitable for heavy-duty forestry applications on difficult terrain
Product Information
  • Excellent self-cleaning properties thanks to special design of the chain mesh
  • Innovative, asymmetrical spike arrangement for extra grip and stability
  • Welded rings as connecting points
  • Optimal fit of the chain to the state of wear of the tyre thanks to adjustment elements
  • Available in a one- or two-field design, depending on the width of the tyre
  • The pewag forstgrip product range is the first forestry chain series made from the pewag TitanGrip® special steel to ensure a long lifespan.
Technical Details
The standard version of the pewag forstgrip (without tensioning chain) is available in the following material thicknesses: 
  • 10.5 mm (ring 12 mm): close-meshed and slender chain for smaller forestry machines
  • 12.5 mm (ring 15.2 mm): all-round model; suitable for all forestry vehicles and grounds
  • 15.5 mm (ring 17 mm): wide-meshed chain; due to ideal self-cleaning abilities especially suitable for soft grounds and big forestry machines
Upon request, the pewag forstgrip is also available with a tensioning chain.