pewag bluetrack perfekt

pewag bluetrack perfekt conquers entirely new dimensions.

This is a track made for hard-core applications: The combination of top-grade materials and the decade-long experience of our engineers in the forest chain industry yields a product that knows no compromise.
  • For use in steep
  • High self-cleaning properties
  • Optimised traction and higher lifespan due to innovative stubs with pewag starwave® technology
  • rocky territory; in snow
  • Higher cost-effectiveness as track profile adjusts itself to the tyre contour
  • mud and sludge

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Product description

  • Recommended for heavy-duty applications in steep and rocky terrain
  • Ideal for snow, mud and sludge
Product Information
  • Optimum grip and quick removal of material from the tire gaps
  • Excellent self-cleaning properties
Technical Details
  • Optimised traction and prolonged lifespan thanks to innovative pewag studs starwave® technology
  • Improved cost-effectiveness as track profile adjusts itself to the tire contour
Please note:
  • Always use the maximum tyre pressure specified by the manufacturer
  • Check the clearance if you could use tracks