CLW Connex connecting link

Form and function.

This universal connection link is manufactured from high-grade material. This product owes its outstanding quality and expediency to a sophisticated manufacturing process. Two symmetrical, die-forged halves and a special safety set ensure universal combination options of master ring/chain, chain/chain, chain/hook, master ring/hook and other elements.

The CLW Connex connecting link is suitable for straight pull only and cannot be dismounted after assembly. The link may be assembled by a competent person easily and quickly, without the need for special tools. Manufactured according to EN 1677‑1 with the mechanical values of G10. Recommended for applications where the pin must not be removed once assembled, for instance when using lifting magnets or concrete buckets.

The special safety kit is available as a CLBHW spare parts set. Product includes CE-marking, BG-approval and a full operating manual.

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Specification table

CLW Connex connecting link Code / Type load capacity
Measurement Image CLW 7 1,900 53 10 13 16 9 46 17 0.14
CLW 10 4,000 72 15 18 22 13 64 24 0.43
CLW 13 6,700 88 20 22 26 17 79 28 0.85
CLW 16 10,000 112 24 29 35 20 105 34 1.90


CLW 10

CLW 13


CLW 16