Product Safety Bulletin for Chain Slings

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►This Safety Bulletin for Chain Slings has been developed
to provide the user with important safety information.

►This safety information is essential to the
long-term proper and safe use of chain slings, sling components and chain sling devices.

►Information should be considered as a
“Technical Chain Sling Users Safety Review”.

►Remember, the lifting, hoisting and moving of
loads is highly dangerous work.


Incorrect or improper use of chain sling can result in serious personal injury or death. In order to avoid serious injury or death only operate chain slings products in strict accordance with federal OSHA regulations, slings SECTION 1910.184 and in accordance with ASME B30.9 CHAPTER -1 Alloy Steel Chain Slings and futher in accordance with the additional safety instructions provided with the device.

Failure of a chain sling can result on serious injury or death. Sling failure can result from overload, improper use, damage or excessive wear.

Safety Bulletin